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Owen Courrèges Law handles a wide variety of civil cases that effect countless citizens of New Orleans. Having the right advice is important when tackling issues such as:

New Orleans Ch. 7 & Ch. 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Loss happens, and when times get tough, no one is immune to financial hardship. Job loss, dissolution of marriage, or just life throwing you a curveball can destroy your healthy financial history. If foreclosure is looming, or creditors are knocking on your door, Owen Courrèges Law can help save your good name. Good people go through hard times, and in New Orleans, we know hard times well enough, don’t let the system eat you up. With Owen’s guidance, and knowledge of the Louisiana bankruptcy systems, he can help you understand what it is you’re against, and how to make the best decisions for you and your family. Don’t get under a pile of mounting debt, and face the possibility of losing all when an experienced bankruptcy attorney is one phone call away.

Contact Owen today for a consultation:

Bankruptcy — representing the interests of the citizens of Jefferson and Orleans Parishes

Sometimes, people in New Orleans get in over their heads. We live by the laissez faire coupled with a healthy mix of le bon temps roule, so things can happen down here in southeastern Louisiana. Knowing when to resolve financial issues is a tricky game of patience and luck. People see the word bankruptcy and expect the worst; bankruptcy doesn’t always mean the sky is falling. Foreclosure, stigma of debt, can all happen if bad choices are made.

If the window is closing on your financial freedom, it might be time to make a call to Owen Courrèges Law and learn what your options are. Sometimes a fresh start is needed, and we’ll work with our clients to put the right foot forward to fix the missteps they may have taken in the past. As a professional bankruptcy attorney, we’ll work hard to get clients debt relief, and find a way to attain Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 orders of Bankruptcy protection.