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You and the insurance company. The other side has a team of legal watchdogs who will spend more money keeping their assets out of court, and avoid paying at all costs. Living in Louisana, we know this all too well. With hurricanes so prevalent as well, as many other acts of god, citizens of the metro New Orleans area have to be versed in how insurance claims work if something happens to their home. Having the right firm on your side is vital, and without the proper guidance, your claim could be denied with something as simple as paperwork error. Owen Courrèges Law is up to date on the ever-changing policies and laws in Louisiana, don’t let the insurance companies deny you of your claim when something happens.

The best asset in making an insurance claim is having someone by your side that knows the language and in’s and outs of how the insurance business works. Owen Courrèges Law knows the tactics, and games companies use, and will get results for you without the dog and pony show. Through a settlement, or litigation, Insurance companies know Owen Courrèges Law is Louisiana tested and tough.