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carWhen someone is hurt, it’s our mission to make sure proper compensation is provided under the law. From workers compensation law to accidents, we have competitive and compassionate lawyers such as a workers compensation lawyer or covid-19 medical leave lawyer to fight for you; the workers comp attorney knows the law, specifically the workers compensation law, and how to protect  clients. Moreover, if you are a parent who was exposed to toxic (teratogenic) chemicals in the workplace resulting in your child having birth defects, our birth defect attorneys will help and fight for your rights. Across New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and the outer lying areas across southeastern Louisiana, having great legal representation who knows everything about workers compensation law is mandatory when you’re fighting for a workers compensation claim. Accidents happen due to personal negligence, and without someone to see the forest through the trees; red tape can keep you from getting compensated fairly. Contact a wrongful death lawyer from to manage your case .

 Our personal injury lawyer from our law firm not only specializes on legal firm security service and personal injury attorney services, but also has concentrated areas of focus in:

  • auto accidents
  • construction accidents
  • defective products
  • medical malpractice
  • nursing home abuse
  • police brutality
  • premises liability
  • long term disability

According to a personal injury lawyer, the most common claim in a personal injury case is negligence and the time limit for this is 3 years. According to a personal injury lawyer the reason that this is the most common is because most personal injury cases are brought within 3 years. However, the time limit can be extended by the courts if the claim has merit. So, if you have an injury that is not serious enough to be considered a personal injury, you can always ask a truck accident lawyer for an extension or add a new cause of action, that would also extend the time limit for personal injury claims.

If your claim falls into this time frame, the court will most likely rule that you are entitled to compensation for the injury; however, you may consult with your personal injury lawyer to determine if your claim falls into this time frame. If this is the case, the plaintiff’s attorney will have to file a case with the court in the appropriate county. The process can be complicated, and the plaintiff’s attorney will not know everything that has been done to determine the amount of the damages, or the cause of the accident, this is why we always suggest to get assistance from a personal injury lawyer.

In order to protect yourself from paying too much, you should consult with a qualified car accident lawyer before making any decisions regarding your case. Also, be sure to consult an auto accident attorney if you receive a bill from your auto insurance company, and you think you were damaged by the driver of a motor vehicle.

Situations happen, and making sure you’re properly represented by the best personal injury attorneys is the smartest move you can make. Let Owen Courrèges Law help you is the smartest move you can make when you’re in New Orleans, and injured.