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Every day, traffic citations are thrown out, lowered, or adjusted to a non-moving violation – if you’ve got the right legal help.

Navigating the New Orleans judicial system is tricky. The effects of traffic tickets can be long lasting, lead to higher insurance rates, or even suspension of your driver’s license. Knowing the facts is important and assistance from a traffic court lawyer is essential.

At Courrèges Law, we’ll guide you through the legal process of fighting unjust tickets while getting you back on the road.

How you can beat New Orleans traffic tickets:

For a flat fee that’s considerably less that the cost of the ticket, court costs and insurance hikes, Owen Courrèges Law can help anyone in New Orleans clean up their driving records.

In 2014, towns across America are slashing their budgets. Local police officers are relying more now than ever on traffic tickets as a source of constant, reliable revenue. Millions of dollars are raised because of traffic tickets. A lot of those tickets are unjustly written, or riddled with error to make the driver at fault pay up. Even the most careful drivers are feeling the heat of traffic cameras that are popping up all over New Orleans. Why? They’re an easy way to make $75 -$150 with each infraction.

With the push for more traffic citations all over the Metro New Orleans – West Bank – Jefferson Parish, lawyers are getting smarter at helping lower fees, and helping to erase black marks to even some of the worst driving records.

A skilled traffic lawyer can assist your case in a variety of ways:

  • Up to date with all changes in local laws.
  • Can help avoid the maximum fine.
  • We can help in the event of loss of points on a license or the loss of driving privileges.
  • A well-trained lawyer can spot any errors on a citation and sees any flaws in the ticket writing process.
  • The right set of eyes on your ticket could save you $250 A variety of traffic ticket services available for one flat fee in New Orleans

Even if you believe you have no case, Owen Courrèges Law can help lower fines, and help make educated decisions that best serve you.

If you decide to plead Not Guilty, Owen will help make sure your rights are respected throughout the hearing and case.

You’re especially advised to find legal help if you are:

  • A multiple offender
  • Have a variety of charges on your record
  • Little violations add up.

Without someone next to you, helping make educated choices, the legal fees will be an easier pill to swallow than what the state of Louisiana would make you pay. Get the help you need today by call in Courrèges Law and let us get you back on the road.