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Bad Lawyer: Like candy from a baby…

The first panel of this comic describes something that actually does happen. It even has a fancy Latin term: “in terrorem,” meaning “into/about fear.” Usually this only involves bogus warning letters, particularly those threatening suits over dubious copyright claims (typically the person being threatened can claim fair use). However, lawsuits themselves can be filed simply to […]

Mary Landrieu faces bogus qualification challenge

Mary Landrieu is facing a legal challenge to her candidacy for reelection to the US Senate that highlights the importance of researching the law before reaching any conclusions regarding the validity of a legal claim or charge. The argument being raised is that Landrieu should not qualify because she lives full-time in Washington D.C. and […]

Federal Student Loans Federal student loan servicers, along with many private lenders, offer a discounted interest rate if you set up auto-payments. And if you’re a parent, many offer a reduced interest rate on your student loans if you have a student account at another institution that has a “pay as you go” option, this […]

Middle District ruling striking Baton Rouge gun ordinance getting national attention

Over at the Washington Post, the Volokh Conspiracy has made note of the Middle District’s ruling in Taylor v. City of Baton Rouge (M.D. La. Aug. 25, 2014) striking Baton Rouge’s local ordinance prohibiting the possession of a firearm within a motor vehicle anywhere on the premises of business selling alcoholic beverages, even in the parking lot. This […]

Welcome to my Blawg

This will inaugurate my return to blogging since I folded my personal web log in 2004. The purpose of this blawg (i.e. legal web log) will be to comment on various legal happenings and provide some humor and commentary. I especially hope my observations will be of benefit to present and future clients. Feel free […]






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